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Please Note: Thumpernet is not responsible for any long distance phone bills if you use the wrong phone number.
If in doubt. CALL us!! (607) 277 0959
Auburn Dial-up:   (315) 612-5450
(315) 612-5451
Regional Dial-up:   Full Listing of available areas
Syracuse Dial-up:   (315) 579-5450
DNS Servers:
(no need to use these settings with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/VISTA

To Add Thumpernet Dial-up under Windows 95/98/NT:
  • Click on My Computer
  • Click on Dialup Network
  • Click on Make New Connections
  • Type in Thumpernet in the top box where it says My Connection (blue back ground)
  • Click on Next
  • Area Code should be 315, Telephone number (612-5450 if you are local to Auburn or 579-5450 if you are local to Downtown Syracuse).
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Finish
The Dialup Icon has been created...

Now, to finish up...

  • Right Click (right mouse button) on the Thumpernet Icon
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on Server Types
  • Under Advanced Options
  • Check Enable Software Compression ONLY
  • Under Allowed network protocols:
    • Check TCP/IP ONLY
    • Click on OK
  • mail server (both SMTP and POP3) =
To Add Thumpernet Dial-up under Windows XP:
  • Click "Start" go to "Connect To" Click "Show all Connections"
  • Click "Create a New Connection" Click "Next"
  • Check "Connect to the Internet" Click "Next"
  • Check "Set up MY Connection Manually" Click "Next"
  • Check "Connect using a dial-up modem" Click "Next"
  • Fill in ISP name "Thumpernet" Click "Next"
  • Fill in Dial-up number Click "NEXT"
  • Fill in username, password, confirm password. You can leave both boxes checked. Click "Next"
  • If you want a short cut on your desktop check the box and Click "Finish"
To Add Thumpernet Dial-up under Windows VISTA:
  • Click "Start" then Click "Connect To"
  • Click "Set up a connection or network"
  • Click "Set up a dial-up connection" Click "Next"
  • Enter the dial-up phone number, user name, password, and connection name "Thumpernet".
  • Do not check the "show characters" box
  • You can check the "remember password" box if you wish
  • You can also check the "Allow other people to use this connection" box if you wish
  • If you click on the "Dialing Rules" link, you can make choices about disabling call waiting and such
  • At this point you don't have a choice, Click "Connect", on the next screen you can click "skip"
  • Then Click "Set up the connection anyways"

The following modems have been tested by the manufacturer to work with the Thumpernet dialup equipment. All modems where tested using the latest software drivers and firmware available from the manufacturers. This does not mean other modems will not work as well, but if you are going shopping for a new modem, you may want to consider purchasing a modem from this list.

USR PCMCIA 56k Modem
Viking PCMCIA 56k WinModem
Single Point PCMCIA 56k Fax Modem
Hayes Accura PCMCIA Card Data/Fax
Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet/Modem 56k USR PCI 56k Performance Pro
Zoom PCI v.92 3025
Supra PCI v.92 SST
HSP PCI MicroModem v.90 Fax
Diamond USB 56k FaxModem
SupraMax USB v.90 FaxModem
Hayes Accura v.92 External
USR Faxmodem v.92 External
Askey External v.90
Motorola Modem Surfer
Motorola Bit Surfer
Phoebe Pocket USB
USR Sportster

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